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Meet the mascots: the furry and feathered faces of Chadwick Valley

Meet the mascots: the furry and feathered faces of Chadwick Valley

Unique pets full of character are what makes drawing pet portraits so much fun. From cute expressions to cheeky poses, I love capturing individual traits in every drawing I do.

So when Anthony Dibble and I launched Chadwick Valley, we knew we’d only find our face in the form of a pet with personality.

The competition: who made the shortlist?

We looked to LinkedIn to help us out. Whether the entrants had a more conventional household companion, like a dog or cat, or quirky pet such as a snake, or even a farmyard animal, we asked them to post a picture.

From bearded dragons to boisterous dogs, more than 60 scaled, fury and feathered friends were entered in the hope of becoming the Chadwick Valley mascot.

Choosing just one winner felt impossible. But with the help of our guest panel, we narrowed down the entries and settled on a final two. Meet the faces of Chadwick Valley: Thunder the rabbit and Echo the duck.

The layers of fur in a ‘Wonder Rabbit’

Hayley entered Thunder, affectionately known as the Wonder Rabbit, on behalf of her daughter, Esther. Thunder won his place on the shortlist straight away thanks to the pictures Hayley posted of him popping out of an Easter basket and peeking out from underneath his plentiful fur.

Thunder’s unique colours, from his ginger ears to the little spot just above his nose, are beautiful and will be drawn in multiple layers to build up texture. I can’t wait to bring him to life on paper, especially as Hayley tells me Esther was excitedly sharing the news of Thunder’s win with everyone she knows!

How to draw a rabbit, the layers of fur

The unique feathers of a defiant duck

Echo the duck was our other winner. Echo’s owner, Joe, told us she has a fab character, taking charge of most situations. From her rebellious but cute stance on the picture Joe sent, that quirky personality is clear to see – and one of the reasons we couldn’t let Echo sit in second place.

Duck Winner Of Our Competition

As I start every pet portrait drawing the eyes, I love how the glint in Echo’s eye reveals her mischievous side. There are so many different shapes and patterns in her feathers to capture too. I’m having lots of fun drawing her so far!

Both Esther and Joe will receive a hand-drawn portrait of their pet, with the original artwork theirs to keep. They’ll also be given a mug with the pet portrait printed on. Keep an eye out for the finished artwork!


The entrants and their stories

Thank you to every person, and every pet, who entered the Chadwick Valley competition. Choosing the mascot was tough, but fun. And we loved hearing your stories, telling us what makes your pet so special. Take a look at the entrants and find out why these pets are so important to their owners here.

Of course, there’s still chance for you to order a personal pet portrait printed on an item of your choice. The competition may have closed, but I’m still taking commissions as usual. Once your individual drawing is finished, you can have it printed on any item of your choice from the Chadwick Valley shop. Simply get in touch for the bespoke prices for your pet portrait and print. 

If you’d like a gift from our standard range, take a look at the cheeky characters on offer on a cushion, card, or coffee cup.

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