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About Our Resident Artist Nicky Chadwick!

Hi, I’m Nicky. I’m the pet portrait artist behind all the animal images you see here at Chadwick Valley.

I use coloured pencils to hand-draw any animal from photos that capture your pet’s personality.

Most of my work is through bespoke commissions. These are individual pet portraits, just like those you’ll find here on my website Nicky Chadwick Art. I’m incredibly lucky that my drawings have been enjoyed by animal lovers, who’ve then been kind enough to recommend me to others looking for a personal portrait of their pet for themselves or as a special gift.

That said, you may be an animal lover, but not a pet owner yourself. Nor might you have time to commission a full portrait if you’re choosing a gift at the very last minute! That’s why Anthony Dibble and I decided to launch Chadwick Valley: an online shop using a range of my pre-selected hand-drawn portraits on gifts, cards and homeware.

Each animal you see on every product has been hand-drawn initially, then reprinted onto your item. I’ve picked a selection of my favourite images, from the cheeky duckling to the soft-furred spaniel. These pet portraits have been chosen as the stock images you can buy, and the price for each item is fixed.

If you’d like to see your own pet portrait pictured on an item, please get in touch. Simply send me a photo of your animal, whether that’s your cute kitten or your pet snake, and I’ll be able to give you a cost for your bespoke drawing. Then, we can print your own image on your product of choice. Just get in touch for prices.

If you’re looking for a gift to make someone smile, or a little treat for yourself, take a look at the Chadwick Valley shop. You’ll find cards, cups and cushions, and we’re always looking to add more products to our range.

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